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Видеобращение режиссёра Fallen Legion: Rise To Glory Spencer Yip

NIS America опубликовала на своём YouTube канале послание благодарности директора Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory Spencer Yip. Если вам интересно, мы разместили полную транскрипцию монолога под спойлером.

[spoiler title=»A message of thanks from the Fallen Legion’s Director, Spencer Yip!»]
Hi, I’m Spencer, the director and programmer on Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory. I started working on Fallen Legion about three years ago, and it’s been quite a journey to finally hold this. Our idea was to create an intense action RPG where you’re battling dragons, reflecting fireballs one second, and then you’re making split-second decisions that change your kingdom the next.

You’ll see a war unfold from two perspectives: Princess Cecille, and Legatus Laendur, who are both fighting to rule the crumbling empire of Fenumia. Cecille is a battle hardened general and the last heir to the throne. She is convinced by a magical, talking, sassy grimoire to return home and claim the throne. Laendur sees this as his chance to build a new empire for his people who were defeated by the royal family generations ago. Both stories have different branches depending on the choices you’ve made, and you may see townspeople help you out in battle, or your decisions may cause a mutiny.

One of my favorite parts was designing story branches and we ended up making over 40 of them in the game. Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory has brand new routes to discover that lead to tough bosses like the Alarune and Succubus. Also, Antoinette, Laendur‘s squire; and Orelius, who was a boss before; are now playable on Nintendo Switch. Originally our plan was to make 3 extra characters but we worked overtime and we were able to make 5 more playable characters.

I’m super lucky and humble to have worked with the talented team at NIS America to create this game. To everyone who worked on Fallen Legion, I want to say thank you for sticking with me through those late nights and early mornings. Also, on behalf of the development team, I want to say thank you to YOU for your support! All the encouraging comments and meeting fans at Anime Expo and reading your emails kept us fired up while we were working late at night coding exemplars and drawing monsters.

We hope you enjoy Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory when it comes out for Nintendo Switch on May 29th in the Americas and June 1st in Europe![/spoiler]

Разработчик говорит, что идея состояла в том, чтобы создать интенсивную экшн ролевую игру, в которой мы будем сражаться с драконами, в которой, помимо этого, нужно будет принимать стратегические решения за доли секунды.

Первоначально наш план состоял в том, чтобы сделать 3 дополнительных персонажа, но мы работали сверхурочно, и нам удалось сделать целых 5 новых играбельных персонажей.

Spencer Yip, директор Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory

Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory вышла 1 июня в Европе. На выбор доступны остатки Exemplary Edition, базовые коробочные версии и цифровые копии для Nintendo Switch в Nintendo eShop (₽2799).

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